The exhibition “Working with homelessness- A multi-site European photovoice project”, is a product developed by the HOME_EU project by the Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialization of the University of Padua, in collaboration with Municipality of Padua. It represents one piece of research conducted in the 8 European countries involved in the HOME_EU project.

The main aim of the research was to understand which characteristics of the organization facilitate/hinder the functioning of the service from the point of view of the providers that work with homeless people. For the exhibition, pictures were aggregated identifying a transnational theme that goes beyond the strengths or weaknesses of the individual operating units: interpersonal distance. Specifically, pictures describe: 1) the distance between provider and user; 2) The distance between providers; 3) The distance between services and institutions.

Moreover, the exhibition shows differences between two working models, Housing First vs. traditional Services.”

The content of the exhibition “Working with homelessness – A multi-site European photovoice project” report is published with a ISBN code for citation. It can also be downloaded from the CLEUP publisher website: