HOME_EU Work Package 3 is led by partners at the Department of Psychology, University of Limerick, Ireland. The work package involves research with homeless services users in both Housing First and Other Services across eight European countries: Ireland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Partners in each country will collect questionnaire data at two time points from 60 homeless services users. Partners will also conduct qualitative interviews with a subsample of these service users.

The aim of Work Package 3 is to gain understanding of homeless services users’ experiences of homeless services and the changes they experience as a result of engaging with these services in these eight different European sites, that differ in regard to social policies, citizen attitudes, and provider orientations.

The data from Work Package 3 will be combined with findings from the other work packages to construct profiles of each partner country on key aspects of homelessness intervention and outcomes, and to develop programmatic guidelines for building EU capacity to end long-term homelessness.