Professor and HOME_EU principal investigator José Ornelas, members from RAIS Fundación like Roberto Bernad, and Pascale Estechandy from DIHAL (France) participated in the First World Congress on Dual Disorders of the World Association on Dual Disorders in Madrid, making visible the impact of mental disorders in homeless persons through Housing First.

The Congress took place from March 23 to 26, and gathered some of the world’s experts in dual disorders, addiction disorders, dual psycho-pathology and other mental disorders.

Members of the HOME_EU project José Ornelas from ISPA, and Roberto Bernad along with Alejandro López from RAIS Fundación, addressed a presentation called “Housing First for homeless population with mental health issues”. They showed the audience how programs based on Housing First methodology make a positive impact on homeless population with mental health issues, addiction or dual psycho-pathology. Some of the evidences find that Housing First improves the self-perception of the users related to their emotional well-being and overall health, like anxiety or depression.

World Association on Dual Disorders is based in Madrid, Spain, and will hold the II World Congress next year in Grosseto, Italy, in September 27-28, 2018.