Several partners from HOME_EU project participate in a cross-country research project for mutual learning on the Housing First implementation launched at an international level in 2016.

This project assesses the fidelity of a HF program to the core principles of the original HF model, Pathways to Housing, as well as the different adaptations of the model to different contexts.

Different Housing First national programs participating in the HOME_EU project are being assessed in this transnational research: Casas Primeiro (AEIPS), Housing First Dublin (University of Limerick), HF Italia (University of Padova), Hábitat (RAIS Fundación, Spain) Un chez soi d’abord (Dihal, France), and HF Netherlands (Impuls-Radboud University Medical Center, RUMC). Other participating programmes are: Pathways Washington (Pathways to Housing, United States). At home /Chez soi -Oasis (University of Ottawa, Canada), Housing First Belgium (Belgium), HF CNDS (Luxembourg) and Arrels Fundaciò (Spain).

The project aims to address questions related to the existing intervention models in different contexts, evaluating programs through delivered results and sharing this knowledge for mutual learning with other programs and countries.

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