The Interim Seminar of the HOME_EU project took place on the 20th June 2018 in the Auditorium of the Orto Botanico, Padova. Because it was offered a link from the 3rd International Housing First Conference website to the HOME_EU Seminar, 153 participants have registered to attend our public event. The main goal of the Seminar was to present the preliminary findings of the project studies, and to involve politicians and services. The Seminar program was structured with two main emphases: a) the presentation of the preliminary results of the research studies preceded by the overview of the research and theoretical framework of the H2020 Grant “Homelessness as Unfairness” by the Coordination team Jose Ornelas (PI) and Maria Moniz (R) echoed in the WP6 study overall model. The second emphasis b) the policy roundtables.
During the morning all work packages leaders made their presentations titled:
WP2: European’s opinion about homelessness: preliminary results from a HOME-EU citizen survey 10
WP3: Traditional vs Housing First services: the user’s perspectives
WP4: What works in homeless services: the point of view of service providers
WP5: The social policies within the EU
After the presentation of the findings the Advisory Board, Marybeth Shinn and Paul Toro had the opportunity to discuss the data presented and its implications for the next steps, analyses and dissemination towards social change. The panelists also addressed several questions from the audience.
During the afternoon, the two roundtables were more directed to the policy makers and the communication to the public. In the first one, titled: European Policies and local choices with the presentations from the local government authorities from Portugal and Italy which described the policy development efforts towards Housing First implementation.The second one was titled “Media communication, social policy and practice” was designed to highlight barriers and challenges around the solutions to tackle homelessness and generate a debate among the audience.

Conclusions and closing of the Seminar

The concluding remarks of the Seminar were focused on thanking the organizers, key-stakeholders and the student and former student team for the dynamics of all the participants that provided relevant input with their questions and comments.
The host Massimo Santinello also invited the participants for a book presentation to be held on another location about the Italian HF program implementation by a local Non-Governmental Organization that is also participating in the HOME_EU Studies. During the closing session there was an opportunity for participants to make comments, and there were several positive comments about the results already visible. The citizens of the EU consider that the existing policies should be renovated, and that the preliminary data of the service user’s studies indicate a substantial overall difference among the people involved in Homelessness services.