The ISPA-Instituto Universitário and the Portuguese partners of the HOME_EU consortium  – AEIPS, CRESCER, CML – shared project results to the public and policymakers.

The event took place on the 20th May and the Opening session was honored with the presence of the Vice-Rector of ISPA, the representative for the Portuguese Social Security Institute and for the National Strategy on Homelessness, the Deputy Mayor for the Social Rights from the Lisboa City Hall; and the Head of the Portuguese National Psychologists Association. All the representatives made their addresses to the public and congratulated the HOME_EU consortium for the initiative and for the relevant outcomes  to inform local and national policies and practices to end homelessness. Included in the Opening Ceremony, José Ornelas, HOME_EU Principal Investigator made a keynote speech on the relevance of bringing together research and public policy to solve effectively the extreme poverty situations, such as homelessness through the Housing First interventions. The speech was very appreciated by the representatives in the session and the public.

The event had also presentations by the project partners such as Ronni Greenwood from the Limerick University, Sandrine Loubière from the Aix-Marseille University, that shared about the studies conducted by them, and Maria Moniz from ISPA, Lisboa. Also the partners running programs in Lisbon, AEIPS and CRESCER, and the City Hall made their presentations about the programs outcomes and their vision for the future of HF policies.

The session with the Housing First tenants was very appreciated and very relevant on the their first-person testimonies addressing important questions from the public and from the moderator. They had the opportunity to answer and comment giving significant qualitative foundation for the research results such as: community integration, or personal achievements, differences of living in congregate or independently, among other issues.

Participants attending the event were students, researchers from ISPA or other universities or institutes, representatives from several local authorities in the country that implement the local policies on homelessness, professionals from the national civic organizations, and representatives from social security, social action and housing agencies. The organization of the event was also honored with the presence of the President of the Portuguese Republic representative for the Social Affairs among several notable guests in the audience.