The HOME_EU French Partner from Aix-Marseille University (AMU) hosted the 5th project meeting (from 28th to 30th November). The 12 partners from the consortium had the opportunity to discuss the results from the 1st stage of the research on ending homelessness. From our studies, based on the opinion of more than five thousand European Citizens from eight countries, they consider that there is insufficient funding to tackle homelessness. The study also found that those citizens in the inquiry are supportive of the Housing First approach to address homelessness in their countries. Moreover, conducted research with 573 persons with or prior experience of being homeless showed that Housing First model leads to more integration of the residents in the local communities. Consistently, also providers from Housing First services that were assessed qualitatively, are more focused on community integration processes by establishing connections with community resources for the residents.
Entering the 3rd year of project implementation, it was also re-settled the outcome dissemination plan towards the best impact on social and academic domains.