The research unit from Aix-Marseille University is responsible for the European survey on the public’s opinion about homelessness and the willingness to fund for social innovation to reduce homelessness. This telephone survey will be carried out in eight European countries: Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Poland, and Sweden, and has already started in France. They are expecting 700 participants for each country, making a total of 5.600 participants.

This survey will not only reveal the general population’s knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and practices towards homeless people, but will also allow us to highlight citizens’ take on current public action to reduce homelessness and how they value alternative solution to end homelessness. Collected data from these eight European countries will also inform public stakeholders of Europeans’ perception of homelessness and what action they approve of.

The leader team for this survey is formed by (from left to right) Aurélie Tinland (Psychiatrist, Researcher), Prof. Pascal Auquier (Researcher), Sandrine Loubière (Economist, Researcher) and Junie Petit (Ph.D. student).