HOME_EU claims community integration and housing first solutions to end long-term homelessness in Europe

The main results of the HOME_EU - Homelessness as Unfairness,  European Horizon 2020 research project (GA 726997), were presented in the project final Conference in Madrid in June 2019 comprising studies focused on the opinion of the European Citizens about the relevance of solutions for homelessness, the Service Users rapports on [...]

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HOME_EU Portuguese partners shared project results to the public and policymakers

The ISPA-Instituto Universitário and the Portuguese partners of the HOME_EU consortium  - AEIPS, CRESCER, CML – shared project results to the public and policymakers. The event took place on the 20th May and the Opening session was honored with the presence of the Vice-Rector of ISPA, the representative for the Portuguese Social Security [...]

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Bringing Research and Public Policy together

The HOME_EU project represented by the Principal Investigator José Ornelas from ISPA-Instituto Universitário and the Portuguese National Strategy on Homelessness and Social Integration (ENIPSSA 2017-2023), represented by its Coordinator Sofia Borges Pereira have celebrated an Agreement of Cooperation last week on the 16th May. The agreement aims the dissemination of evidence generated by [...]

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Working with homelessness – A multi-site European photovoice project

The exhibition "Working with homelessness- A multi-site European photovoice project", is a product developed by the HOME_EU project by the Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialization of the University of Padua, in collaboration with Municipality of Padua. It represents one piece of research conducted in the 8 European countries involved in the HOME_EU project. [...]

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The HOME_EU project researching to end homelessness in Europe

The Transformative Community Mental Health Interest Group column from The Community Psychologist, the SCRA newsletter, has highlighted the presentation of the research project HOME_EU given the relevance and potential of the project for the transformation of policies and practices to end homelessness across Europe. You find more information about the article and about the network [...]

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HOME_EU and Housing First events in Padova

The forthcoming 18th, 19th and 20th June 2018 the city of Padova will gather knowledge and research about Housing First as a solution to homelessness. Two events will be held through the University of Padova (Università degli Studi di Padova), the Psychologist Department of Development and Socialisation (DPSS) and the partners of the HOME_EU Project. [...]

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